Proudly operating Gulf Film, the largest film distribution in the Middle East. With 150 titles distributed every year, Gulf Film is by far the leading distributor in the Middle East. It is also one of the largest operators of a series of cinemas in the GCC with over 114 screens in multiple locations under the brand name Novo Cinemas.

Gulf Film was established in 1989, a film distributor of major studio productions and independent movies in both Arabic and English to audiences across the region. Gulf Film distributes and exhibits over 150 titles – one out of every two films distributed to the region – cementing its position as the leading distributor in the Middle East by f ar.

Recognizing the potential of film exhibition; Gulf Film in 2000 expanded its industry portfolio with the creation of a cinema chain which was rebranded and launched in 2014 as Novo Cinemas, which as of now, is the largest chain of theatres in the Middle East. In 2012, Gulf Film joined ELAN Group’s portfolio of businesses and becoming a part of their Entertainment division.

Gulf Film and Novo Cinemas aim to offer a comprehensive range of film and entertainment services to existing and new markets. The combination of Elan, Gulf Film and Novo Cinemas creates a regional powerhouse in entertainment that will provide the latest in film innovation and set worldwide standards in the area and beyond.

Gulf Film is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information about Gulf Film, please visit their website:


Novo Cinemas is home to the most innovative entertainment experiences in the GCC, offering each visitor A Great Time Out since 2014. We are one of the largest cinema chains in the Middle East because we push boundaries, pioneer change, and consistently strive for the “new” . We began our legacy by introducing the region to such evolutionary technologies as the largest IMAX with Laser in the MENA region, online booking, e-kiosks and the first cinema-dedicated mobile app.

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