ELAN Media has pioneered Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising in Qatar by introducing the most advanced DOOH network in the region at Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, and Ezdan Mall.

Our state-of-the art network of DOOH assets is comprised of over 240 digital screens including:

– The Iconics: two super-size 72 sqm digital screens dominating the alleys at Mall of Qatar

– The Axis: a giant 28 sqm rotating screen with 360-degree visibility at Doha Festival City

– The Runway: 8 fully wrapped screens deployed in pairs within the food court of Doha Festival City

– The Pillars: giant screens integrated into the pillars within Mall of Qatar’s food court

– The Torch (Doha Festival City): the largest roadside digital screen in Qatar, visible from a long distance and wide angles on the Al Shamal road

– A network of 176 Digital MUPIs distributed across all the malls

– The South Façade:  Two 35sqm external digital screens visible from a long distance at Mall of Qatar

– The Digital Landmarks: Italian custom-built LED screens capturing footfall at busy mall intersections

Our network reaches millions of consumers each month and offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage with the visitors of the two largest malls in Qatar.


Our Digital MUPIs at Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City Mall are equipped with Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) technology from Quividi, the industry standard for Audience Analytics in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH).

The AVA technology provides content analysis that certifies viewership and analyses the demographics and mood of the audience while fully respecting personal privacy.

Advertisers can measure the performance of their campaigns in real time, understand the demographic profile of the audience that they are reaching, as well as the effectiveness of the advertising in terms of attention time, and engagement. Brands can then make adjustments on their copy as necessary to ensure that they reach the right target audiences and achieve high return on investment from their campaigns.